Music, Dreams, and Coming of Age in the Heartland


Max Jones hoped that saxophone player Cameron Bradley, one of the most gifted musicians in the band, would also become one of its strongest leaders. But Cameron believed that his director was too focused on winning..


Hear "The Cry,"
one of Cameron's guitar compositions.




cameron bradley
first saxophone

“In private, Cameron wished that his relationship with God came as naturally to him as did his music. His prayers, in fact, often included music, music he made on an instrument few people even knew he played. Two years earlier, he’d bought a guitar and taught himself the chords. He found that prayer sometimes went more easily, or went deeper, if he let his fingers work it out on the strings. The music he played on his guitar was between him and God. It had become his best instrument, even better than the saxophone. He kept a prayer journal in which he jotted words and chord changes. The Bible became a source of new inspiration, especially the Psalms. He felt he understood the Psalmist when he read in Psalm 104, ‘I will sing to the Lord as long as I live.’