Music, Dreams, and Coming of Age in the Heartland


Senior Diana de la Reza didnít consider herself a leader. But when the clarinet section leader chose to spend time with students who were already strong players, Diana found herself drawn to the groupís weakest students.



diana de la reZa
first clarinet

“Senior Diana de la Reza moved in beside her in the wider rank. Adilene’s fear ebbed slightly in Diana’s calming presence. During summer band camp, Diana had been Adilene’s guide, going over fundamentals with her, teaching her fingerings, calling out directions, sometimes even pushing or pulling her into position. The upperclassmen had a phrase for that kind of rough guidance: Diana had “shopping-carted” Adilene. But Adilene hadn’t felt pushed around. She’d felt grateful for so much attention from a senior, and such a kind one at that.